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Excellent, easy to use....

Manish Kapoor

Life-Saver for My Small Business

Lifesaver for my small business.

Help me to increase my conversation

Great Product on the very first days its help me to increase my conversation so fast its really helpful to me

Sachin Dumpalwar

We are happy to say that software is very Nice

We are using wa sender by netbrux and we are happy to say that software is very Nice


its great and easy

i always use whatsapp bot of netbrux for bulk messaging for our business. its great and easy never struck and always free updates and no virus


Best Templates

Simple and effective templates - just what I needed!

Vicky Bokadia

Happy with this product

Happy with this product and support

Rajat Yadav

Templates That Actually Work

These templates actually works

Software is a game-changer

Netbrux's WhatsApp bulk sender software is a game-changer for our company's marketing efforts. The software allowed us to send bulk messages to our customers quickly and efficiently, saving us time and effort. We highly recommend this software to any business looking for a reliable and efficient way to connect with their customers through WhatsApp. Thank you, Netbrux, for providing us with such a great tool!


I am satisfied with WhatsApp software

I am highly satisfied with WhatsApp bulk software, which works great for my business

Vishal Sharma

Impressed with the Template Variety

I'm impressed with all the different templates.


Templates Saved My Business

Templates saved my business. Thank you!

Smart way with bulk whatsapp sender

It helps to reach maximum people with smart way with bulk whatsapp sender thanks Netbrux for providing for very reasonable price.

Mr Graphics

Great software

Great softwares and bundles for business

Manoj Pandey

Best Templates for Me

I can use these templates just fine. easy to import and live

Ashish Bhatia

No More design Headaches

No more headaches it helped me for my freelance work and also it hellped me to impress my clients

Bithika Parui (NLP Coaching)

I am extremely impressed

I am extremely impressed with the level of support I received from this service. The responses were quick and helpful, and the user-friendly interface made it easy to navigate. I highly recommend this service for its commitment to excellence and outstanding product offerings. It's been a breeze to use, and the support has been top-notch


Templates Made My Site Pop

My website looks so good now, all thanks to these templates.

Its a great product

its a great product and really worth it


I Love These Website Templates!

I don't know much about websites, but I love these templates!

Sikho Sikhao Computer

Good Product

Good Product and Services.

Anil Gupta

Great Help for My Online Store

My store looks cool now. Thanks

Pawan Thakur

Good at its commitment

Good at its commitment and best in its products

Deepak Yadav

No More Design Stress

I don't stress about website stuff anymore. Best Templates and Trending designs

Sandip Gavit (Techno Hacks)

I'm impressed with the quality of your digital marketing product

I'm impressed with the quality of your digital marketing product. It's user-friendly, efficient, and has all the necessary features to effectively promote my brand online.


This Software help me a lot in my business.

The auto response of this app is help me a lot in my business.

Gaurav Agarwal

Easy Use These Templates

Anyone can use these templates. I was searching for best design but i found it here, thanks team

Pradeep Verma

Best in affordable Price

Really good, no doubt

Ajay Soni (Adywiq)

Really amazing

The product is really amazing. It is easy to use and best to scale up your business. Getting Quick results. Thanks Team

Sameer Tiwari

Best Templates Ever!

Best templates ever, seriously.





Affordable and Cool Templates

Templates are cheap and cool and looks premium

Mahakal Day Care Hospital

Its great

Its great and easy to use

Use-full..Quick response..

Very Use-full and easy support.. Quick response.. Most recommended

Ajay Kapoor

Good Stuff for My Blog

These templates helped a lot.

Sunil Chauhan

Great, Lot of great designs

I like that! Thanks


This tool help our business

This tool help our business to grow 5x times. It's unbelievable for us we have got amazing button message feature which helped us a lot.

Suresh Dubey

Looks Amazing !

My website used to be boring, now it's amazing!

software is very good for marketing

The software is very good for marketing i would highly recommend to invest in it.


User-Friendly Templates

These templates are easy to use. user-friendly.

Madhusudan Somani

Netbrux software is awesome

Netbrux software is awesome, providing so many useful features to be used for any small & medium business. They provide timely updates to make the product more convenient to use.


I'm No Techie, But I Did It!

I'm no techie, but I made a website with these templates!

Thakur Property

It helps

It helps achieving target, Everything is just amazing

Arjun Patel

So Many Choices, Wow!

There's so many of 'em, I don't even know where to start. Good stuff!

SocialSEO Solutions

thanks netbrux

Hello I am Director of Thanks netbrux because provided the best WA software and i am happy with their support and updates

Prakash Sharma

Templates Made My Life Easier

These templates made my site look like pro

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Very Very Good Software

Rajesh Kumar

Awesome Templates for My Website!

Wow, these templates are realy professional design. I'm really happy!

Enhancing Growth


Thanks for the amazing software

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Easy Website Building with These

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